2016 / TEDx Sydney

Together in motion

Design. Animation. Post-Production.

TEDx events are typically one-day conferences that feature a variety of talks and performances on a range of topics, such as science, technology, business, the arts, and social issues. They are designed to promote the sharing of ideas and to foster meaningful connections among attendees.

A truly collaborative process resulted in a beautiful, unique opening to the event. Creative Director Mark Stott lead the design process.

The onscreen event title sequence for TEDxSydney 2016 was designed in the spirit of ‘Together’, the holistic theme for the year’s event. In association with FinDesign and Common, it was an honour to be selected as one of nine designers and directors contributing to such an energetic opening sequence.

Our component’s visual language and motion design were inspired by the innovative and thought-provoking speakers invited to present at the event. We used abstract forms and the “X” as a window to take you on a journey of inspiration and ideas.

The contributors were Common, Buck, Mark Boey, Collider, Lucinda Schreiber, Finn Spencer, Never Sit Still, White Chocolate and Husein Alicajic. Sound by Rumble. Produced by Celia Nicholas. As always, a sounding board by Alfred.

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