2023 / Dirty Secrets : d4vd

Dirty Secrets – D4vd

The music video for “Dirty Secrets” by D4vd is a visually stunning masterpiece directed by the renowned Philip Andelman. The video opens with a shot of a lone figure walking through a dimly lit alleyway and cuts to a series of shots that showcase the shadowy, gritty world of the song’s lyrics.
Overall, the “Dirty Secrets” music video is a stunning visual feast that perfectly captures the mood and themes of the song and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Production Company – Black Dog Films
Director – Philip Andelman
Executive Producers – Jeff Pantaleo, Molly Bohas
Producer – Peter Williams
DP – Giles Dunning
Editor – Jorge Sandoval
Colorist – Emiliano Serantoni
VFX – Untitled Studios
Interscope Commissioner – Michelle An, Shannon Leskowitz
Interscope Coordinator – Alyssa Kamalski

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